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Construction Aggregates

The aggregate we supply is Devonian Granite.
Since 1985 we have supplied many overseas markets with Armour Stone, Railway Ballast, Aggregate and Sand, Asphalt and Concrete Aggregates, Road Base and Filter Media for landfills. 
The aggregate is primarily composed of salt and pepper coloured granite with occasional reddish variances. The stone is very hard, dense, and fine to coarsely crystalline and  equi-granular.
In our experience, there has never been any evidence of insects, microbes, viruses, germs, or other contaminants in our product.
The rock is drilled and blasted, crushed, screened and washed to specification before shipping.

Engineering Properties

Standard Gradations

The Advantages of using High Quality Aggregates in Surface Course Pavements

The Advantages of using High Quality Aggregates in Concrete

R. A. Murray International Limited - Logistical Expertise for Aggregates Shipments

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