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Government Clients

Jamaica 2000-Present
We are currently in a contract with the Government of Jamaica to act as Project/Procurement Managers for the Jamaica Bridges Development Program. The program consists of contracts to design, fabricate and replace deteriorating bridges. R. A. Murray International secured the funding for the project on behalf of the Government of Jamaica.

Canada 2002                 
Due to an increase of local traffic on highway 125 near Sydney, Nova Scotia it was necessary to twin a section of the roadway. We were awarded the design contract to widen the existing Sydney River Bridge from two lanes to six.

Bahamas 1988-Present
We continue to supply high quality paving aggregates to the Ministry of Works. The aggregates are used for various ongoing projects in The Bahamas.

Barbados 2001-06
We provided granular drainage medium to the Government of Barbados for the Mangrove Pond Landfill site in Barbados.

Barbados 2001
We supplied crash bars to the police force in Barbados.

Other Past Projects Include:
Supplied and delivered granite aggregates to Guyana for various contractors who were involved in projects for the Ministry of Works in Guyana.
Supplied and delivered a quantity of bedding sand for two fuel storage tanks being constructed for the United States Navy.
Supplied and delivered I.O.P. Cement to the United States Navy and Seabees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Supplied and delivered construction materials to the Guantanamo Bay United States Naval Air Station for a Housing Project.
Supplied and delivered asphalt paving aggregates to Ascension Island for the repaving of the U.S. Air Force.