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Moving Equipment

Venezuela 2004 
We were appointed by a local fabricator to provide logistical assistance and ocean freight chartering services to transport structural steel tower box sections for use in a large bridge construction project over the Orinoco River in Venezuela.

Bermuda 2003 
We were chosen to coordinate the logistics and shipment of paving equipment and aggregates from Nova Scotia to Bermuda for the Airport resurfacing. 
The equipment delivery posed a big challenge since we needed to deliver some heavy and large gear to the airport site without using roads and bridges that were limited to 10 tons. The key to this project was selecting a ship that could come along side the Marginal Wharf close to the airport site and avoid the undersized bridges in the St. George's area. Our Company's 20 years experience in shipping and logistics took the mystery out of the project for the contractor.

Grand Turk 2003 
We were appointed shipping and logistics manager for an airport upgrade and repaving in Grand Turk Island, Turks and Caicos, West Indies. This involved coordinating shipping charters for the paving equipment and aggregates. The challenge to this project was the logistical exercise of safely shipping $10 million of paving equipment and ancillary gear to the island from Nova Scotia in stormy Atlantic winter conditions. 
The dock in Grand Turk had only 11.5 ft of draft so we had to select a ship that could stow over 50 large pieces of equipment, some weighing as much as 40 tons, and unload it in Grand Turk.We chose a 4500 dwt vessel with two deck cranes each having a capacity of 35 MT at 43ft out reach. Planning and experience resulted in these successful deliveries.

Bermuda 2000
We provided the transportation for 700 tonnes of pre-cast concrete panels, and 85 tonnes of structural steel from Halifax, Nova Scotia to St. Georges, Bermuda. These materials were the first phase construction of a telecommunications building.

Other Past Projects Include:
Supplied and delivered port handling equipment including forklifts, tractors, container chassis, and other miscellaneous equipment for the Campden Park Marine Terminal, St. Vincent.
Supplied and delivered pipes, valves, fittings, pumps and other miscellaneous equipment for the San Pedro Island Water and Sewerage Project.
Supplied and commissioned telecommunications equipment for the Department of Public Works, St. Kitts and Nevis.