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Record Aggregate Shipments

In 1995 R. A. Murray International Limited of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, was awarded a supply contract for an airport repaving project in Ascension Island for the U.S. Air Force. At the time, this was one of the largest bulk shipments ever loaded at Auld's Cove Quarry, Nova Scotia. The total load involved asphalt paving materials consisting of three sizes of crushed stone and manufactured sand to ASTM specifications. In addition, 1,200 tons of Type 10 Portland Cement were also supplied. The total load was 83,000 tons.

Loading at Auld's Cove took place on a 24h basis for three days, averaging about 1,200 tons/h. On completion of the loading, MV Ultra Sea traveled to Ascension Island, a UK territory, a distance of 4,100 nautical miles, in approximately 11 days, for offloading. Offloading was achieved by floating gantry crane and barges for shuttling ashore.

In addition to the large load, the landing site, Long Beach, is a nesting ground for turtles and it was important to carry out the unloading without encroaching on the turtle's habitat. Both the U.S. Air Force and British authorities oversaw the operation to ensure the turtles were not disturbed.
R. A. Murray International Limited was chosen for this project because of their experience in delivering aggregates to difficult locations in overseas markets.

The material represented by R. A. Murray International Limited is a high-quality Devonian Granite suitable for asphalt and concrete products. Some engineering authorities have written their specifications around the granite products of the Maritimes and, in the past several years, R. A. Murray International Limited has supplied paving material to 14 airports in the Caribbean and on the Coast of South America. Airport paving is among the most demanding uses of rock products, calling for stringent engineering and mechanical properties.

Competition for this project is said to have come from Scotland, Newfoundland, Georgia, Venezuela and Freeport in the Bahamas. But the U.S. Air Force and their supply co-ordinator, Speegle Construction, chose the Devonian Granite from the Maritimes.